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At Atlas Psychology we provide psychological assessment and treatment for adults, for a variety of issues including anxiety and mood disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), return-to-work obstacles, chronic pain, and numerous other adjustment and lifestyle challenges. Services also include anger management training, social skills building, and consultation for parenting skills enhancement.

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We are located at 865 Henderson Hwy in the Fort Group building. You can park in the lot in front of the building and enter through the front doors. Reception is to your left. Please make yourself comfortable and we will come to meet you at your appointment time.


Atlas Psychology


and COVID-19

COVID UPDATE: As of Monday, November 2, 2020 we are implementing Code Red COVID-19 restrictions. During this time, we request that you attend your session remotely whenever this is possible. We are happy to set up a video or phone session, and if we have not already contacted you to do so, we will be in touch soon. You can also reach our office at or at 204-942-4515 to make these arrangements. If you need to attend your session in person, we are now required to wear masks throughout the duration of the session, and physical distancing and hand hygiene must be practiced at all times. If you are attending in person, you must also complete the COVID-19 screen at the following link:  and if ANY of your answers on this screen are YES, you may not attend the clinic in person and will need to attend remotely. We thank you for your attention to this, and for your flexibility during these challenging times.